• Polynesian Dance

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  • Self Growth

    Dancers grow not only in the dance but also within themselves as individuals. It takes alot of courage to try anything that is outside of anyone's comfort zone yet our dancers have pushed themselves to try something new. Confidence is something that our dancers have more of once they perform for their school, family, community and friends.Evelyn Nava


    There are many opportunities to perform not only in school but outside events as well. Polyneisan Dance is often called on to represent Century High School like the School Choice Fair and school Jog-A-Thon's. Beautiful dances, costumes and memories are made with every show we participate in. We showcase different styles of dance (Tahitian, Hawaiian or Samoan) depending on the event type which also determines our style of costume.School Choice Fair





  • Joining

    Polynesian Dance is part of the after school program at Century called The Centurion Club. We welcome all students to come and join our club and experience the dancing culture of the islands like Tahitian, Hawaiian, and Samoan. Anybody can join! No experience necessary.

    Evelin is Century's Polynesian Dance coach.Evelin is a Century Alumni and has been dancing for over 7 years.

    Tuesday's & Thursdays 3:30pm-5:30pm

    @ quad area, bring: sandals, workout shirt, shorts and water bottle


    OHANA (Family)

    We all come from different backgrounds but when joining the Polynesian Dance team, we all dance as one. Friendship and trust is built when we practice, get ready and perform. When we do so, we create our own family. (Ohana)Banquet