•  Advance Placement Students Resource
    Advance Placement Classes are rigorous courses.
    To prepare for these courses students need to complete summer work and do extra work on their own during the school year. 
    Advanced Placement Classes                                                                           
    Mr. Silverman (402)
    Calculus AB
    Mr. Leung ( 5210)
    Mrs. Hightower (408)
    English Language 
    Mrs. Yetko (5207)
    Environmental Science 
    Ms. Setlich (414) 
    French Language
    Mr. Figueroa (5110) 
    Government & Politics
    Mr. Oveson (5201)
    Human Geography
    Mr. Cortes (5118)
    Mrs. Hightower (408)
    Spanish Language
    Mrs. Guerrero (5112)
    Spanish Literature
    Mrs. Guerrero (5112)
    Mr. Chen (5208)
    US History
    Mr. Govier (5220) 
    World History 
    Mr. Thomas (5219)