GATE-Honors-AVID-Advanced Placement (GHAAP) Program

  • Century High School -  Gifted-Honors-AVID-AP (GHAAP)

    GATE-Honors-AVID-Advanced Placement Programs

    Century High School offers a rigorous GATE/Honors/Advanced Placement Program (GHAAP) to prepare students for a successful college experience. GHAAP students make a commitment to diligently developing their academic skills, by doing regular homework and by active participation in their classes.

    GHAAP Program FAQs


    What is the Gate/Honors/AVID/Advanced Placement (GHAAP) Program?

    • A special program that supports the needs of GATE/Honors/AVID/Advanced Placement students.
    • A program that increases students’ success on AP exams, college acceptance, high school graduation, and standardized testing.


    Why do I want to enroll in the honors program?

    • Participate in quality instruction from dedicated, knowledgeable teachers.
    • Attend classes with other motivated students who share common goals and interests.
    • Prepare for college level work by engaging in rigorous curriculum.
    • Develop and practice higher-level thinking.
    • Be well prepared for taking high-stakes tests such as AP Exams, college entrance exams, and other standardized tests.


    What are SOME of the characteristics of students enrolling in GHAAP?

    • Successful participation in honors level classes.
    • Highly motivated and enjoys challenging curriculum.
    • Independent thinker and self-starter.
    • Welcomes work that is beyond the classroom and over and above traditional school hours, including evenings and weekends.
    • Teacher recommendation.
    • Focused on attending a four-year university.
    • Identified GATE student (though not required).


    What are the expectations of the GHAAP program for students?

    • Exemplary attendance.
    • Adherence to school rules.
    • Active participation and engagement in workshops, study sessions, and all assignments.
    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA in GHAAP classes.