• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long to I have to make-up a test?
    A: Until the next scheduled intervention.
    Q:  Can I turn work in late?
    A:  Department policy is that late work can be accepted (with a penalty of a reduction in points) by Intervention.  Work assigned before an Invervention date and not turned in will not be accepted.

    Q: Am I excused from the work if I'm absent?
    A: No. You need to find out what you missed and complete it or you need to turn in something due the day you were absent when you return.

    Q: What do I do if I turn in something after it's due to TurnItIn.com or NoRedInk or Verso?
    A: After you submit it, send an email to Miss Barron (melinda.barron@sausd.us or melinda.barron@sausdlearns.net) so that she knows to look for it. 
    Q:  Do I get a homework card for not having my homework on the day it's due, or not having it complete?
    A:  Both.  Do your homework.
    Q:  When do I get a homework card?
    A:  Usually the day after it was due is when you will get the homework card for a missed or incomplete assignment.  Unless, there is a test the next day and then you will receive it the following day.
     Q:  Can I read a book that is listed as not allowed to read for Independent Reading and Book Reports.
    A:  No.  
    Q:  Why can't I read a book like Romeo and Juliet?
    A:  You can't read Romeo and Juliet and books that you've read in school in years past.  You've already read it.  
    Q:  If I get a homework card for an assignment, can I still turn it in?
    A:  Yes.  You will more than likely get points taken off for being late or incomplete, but I don't want you to ADD to your consequences by also getting a zero on the assignment.
    Q:  What happens if I turn an assignment in to turnitin.com in the wrong assignment?
    A:  If you don't catch yourself and send me an email so I can delete it while you turn the assignment in under the right assignment, you will get a homework card.  I will not go hunting through all the other assignments (most likely one that you didn't complete to begin with) to see if you by chance put it in the wrong spot.  I sometimes come across them myself and will delete them and send you an email, but that's not always the case.  YOU are responsible for turning your work in to the correct spot.
    Q:  How does class participation work?
    A:  Here is part of the handout you got at the start of the school year that tells you about both of these:


    Class Participation:  It is reasonable to expect you to participate in class, even those of you who are shy. So, 5% of your class grade is made up of class participation. 

    My expectation is that you can participate in class a couple of times a week.  Not only do you need to participate, but you also need to do it positively.  That means that acting out and trying to garner (it’s a fancy word for get) negative attention will NOT get you points.  In fact, it will do the opposite and you will get negative participation points.  Negative participation points are also given for inappropriate, distracting, or rude behavior.

Last Modified on September 26, 2017