Senior Project

    As part of your final year here at Segerstrom High School, you are required to complete a Senior Project. The purpose of the Senior Project is to give you the opportunity to explore and experience a career field of your choice. The Senior Project process gives you a chance to choose your area of study, combine your knowledge and skills from various disciplines, and utilize your talents in a productive manner.

    It is time to show what you know, what you can do, and experience a taste of life after high school. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and explore a new area. Take full advantage of this opportunity to experience something important to your future. Please feel free to contact your teachers or administrators at any point with questions and concerns. Everyone on this campus is here to support and help you through this process.  

    It is highly recommeded that you start looking for job shadow opportunities the summer before you start your senior year of high school. 

    2020 Senior Interviews Cancelled

    In light of the 2020 school closure due to COVID-19, Class of 2020 seniors will not be required to complete a senior interview. All your teachers and Segerstrom staff are here to support you and we feel the interviews would be an extra burden that seniors do not need at this time. We are here to help you complete your high school experience in the best way we can.  If you would like to complete your Senior Interview to improve your grade, please contact Ms. Gerdes at stephanie.gerdes@sausd.us so we can schedule an interview panel.

Senior Project Due Dates
Last Modified on May 1, 2020