• Cesar Chavez and/or Lorin Griset Academy


    Both alternative high schools provide a learning environment enhancing student
    achievement through a challenging, standards-based curriculum and the support
    necessary to promote students' social and emotional development.


    ·        16 and 17 students “at risk” may participate in a comprehensive yet individualized
          program of studies provided within a "small school" setting.


    ·        Currently in operation are many programs for students at risk of graduation,
          English Learners, Pregnant Minors, Teen Parents, Special Education, Migrant, and
          Gifted and Talented students.


    ·        Enrollment in the school is arranged through a referral process initiated by site administrators/counselors at the traditional high school for students deficient in


    ·        Students must complete the SAUSD graduation requirements: 220 credits and
          required course of study 


    Home Teaching


    ·        The Home Teaching program is available to students who will be absent from
          school for two weeks or more.


    ·        Home teachers are assigned by the Director of Special Education after a request
          has been received from a licensed physician, a referral from the school nurse is
          completed and forwarded to the district office and approved by the Director of
          Special Education.


    ·        Students must reside within the boundaries of the Santa Ana Unified School


    ·        They must also be recuperating at home or in a hospital


    ·        Students are to maintain an academic schedule provided by the counselor of


    ·        The assigned teachers will be responsible for forwarding all assignments to the
          Home Teacher, through the Health Office, who will act as the conduit between the
          home school and recovering student.


Last Modified on August 31, 2017