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    Segerstrom High School is a fundamental school that opened in September 2005, with approximately 1200 freshmen and sophomores.  Each year Segerstrom adds another class of approximately 600 freshmen, bringing its total student body to about 2450 students in grades 9-12. Segerstrom's first graduation featured the class of 2008.
    As a fundamental school, Segerstrom's mission is to provide comprehensive, standards-based core curricula grounded on high expectations and accountability for all.  Segerstrom's instructional focus is "Read! Write! Learn!" with literacy as a foundation across all disciplines.
    As part of the school's vision, all staff are committed to doing their best teaching so that all students excel in a collaborative, college-going culture embarked on students's meeting or exceeding the entry-level requirements of a four-year university.
    • Teachers work in partnership in professional learning communities to develop common curriculum pacing and assessments.  They use data to continuously improve instructional practices and implement appropriate modifications.

    • Teachers are committed to the implementation of homeroom classes, which are grade specific and stay together for the four years a student is in high school.  This allows students to receive more individualized attention and connect to the learning community. 
    • All teachers support the schoolwide literacy emphasis, the implementation of schoolwide writing across the curriculum benchmark assessments, and the evaluation of student work.

    • All staff members adhere to the fundamental school demands of extensive responsibility and accountability for all.