• Counseling  MissionThe Segerstrom Counseling Department is designed to support students in their academic pursuits and responsible personal growth.



    The Segerstrom Counseling Department is committed to supporting student achievement, cultivating positive, caring student relations, assessing and advocating student needs, creating a college-going environment, and actively engaging in professional development.


    Counseling and the Fundamental System

    The Segerstrom counseling staff is integral in delivering and supporting the fundamental system. More importantly, counselors provide support in helping students correct negative work habits and develop strategies for success. Their specific task in the schoolwide system is to intervene prior to the student losing their focus on academic success.  On the fourth and fifth missed assignment, tardy, or dress code violation, counselors meet individually with students to provide an immediate and pre-determined consequence for student behaviors.   


    Segerstrom High School Counselors 


     Frankie Gonzalez



     Gabrielle Griset



     Leslie Castillo



     Monica Mejia 



     Maria Lara