• Century High School Senior Exit Portfolio

    You are invited to serve as an interview panelist at our presentations of electronic exit portfolios.

    This student-focused process allows students to:

    • Reflect on work and see growth accomplished throughout four years of high school;
    • Receive positive feedback from staff and community;
    • Practice the interview process for real-world application;
    • Focus on strengths;
    • Begin a life-long process of reflection and service; and
    • Connect work to post-secondary goals. 

    Go paperless...

    Students will continue the e-portfolio process this year with the option to create a web-based paperless portfolio from a template or their own design.

    Special thanks to the Senior Exit Portfolio Team:

    Nata Shin, Principal


    Gary Rodebaugh--Senior English, SEP consultant

    Counselors and Teachers mentoring our seniors throughout the portfolio process.


    Yolanda Gonzalez, Angelita Wright—Library

    Esther Diaz, Erica Guzman, Main Office