• Description of the Video Production class:


    The Video Production class is hands-on.  Besides learning how to operate a number of different video cameras, students create several videos during the first semester:  a commercial, a public service announcement (PSA), possibly a video editorial where you express your opinion about a topic of your choice and a music video to wrap up the semester.  Students also learn how to create a script in the industry-standard format to write a grabber scene (the opening scene of a movie that “grabs” the audience’s attention and makes them want to watch the rest of the movie).


    The annual DVD Yearbook is the major product that the students will create from footage taped at all the school’s events throughout the year.  We are quickly approaching the 20th annual edition.  Twenty years of Century High School.  Imagine that.  In other words, you become a part of Century’s history through your creative talents.