• Segerstrom HS PTSO 
    Our Mission is to stimulate, communication, cooperation, and understanding among the professional staff, parents, and students to encourage parental involvement and to undertake activities to promote the best interests of Segerstrom High School.   
    Activities and Programs
    Every year, with the help of many energetic and dedicated volunteers, your PTSO provides a wide array of support for the Segerstrom High School community.  Here is a description of our organization.  
    1. Communicating with parents, faculty, and students 
    2. Sponsoring students with scholarships on Senior Awards Night
    3. Providing parent education on topics like cyber bullying and cyber safety
    4. Working with administrators to plan meetings and activities for spring and fall. 
    5. Helping with the registration process by selling snacks and drinks to students, teachers, and parents.
    6. Volunteering to help with the registration process
    7. Organizing appreciation events for Segerstrom Staff throughout the year
    The gift of your time and talent through volunteering helps PTSO and many other programs a success and sends a powerful message of caring to your children.  You can now join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/segerstromptso
    Thank you! 
Last Modified on September 20, 2017