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               Century High School



    TEACHER NAME: Miss Nena Kellar
                                           E-mail: Nena.Kellar@sausd.us
                                           Department: ART- Room 328
                                     Schedule of Classes: 
                                                 Period 1:  Drawing and Painting I
                                                 Period 2:  Planning Period
                                                 Period 3:  Drawing and Painting I
                                                 Period 4:  Drawing and Painting II and III
                                                 Period 5:  Drawing and Painting I 
                                                 Period 6:  Drawing and Painting I


                                                    Syllabus: Drawing and Painting I
    • Develop an understanding of the Elements of Art - line, color, texture, shape, form, space, and value.
    • Develop an understanding of the Principles of Design - rhythm & movement, balance, proportion, variety and emphasis, harmony & unity.
    • Explore the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in drawings and paintings.
    • Learn “right-brain” drawing techniques that will facilitate “seeing” and help make drawing a more natural and less stressful experience.
    • Develop techniques of drawing and painting to express ideas and feelings.
    • Acquire a historical perspective in drawing and painting by recognizing individual and cultural influences, themes and styles, and demonstrating that understanding in drawing and painting projects.
    • Learn to make informed aesthetic judgments about works of art, nature, and human-made objects in our environment.
    • Understand and use vocabulary and terms associated with drawing and painting - the "language of the art" discipline.
    • Use and care for tools, equipment, and materials safely and properly. 
    • Read about art and write in response to related questions and assignments.  


     Syllabus: Drawing and Painting II, III, and AP Studio Art
     Students will follow the same standards as Drawing and Painting I with added depth and complexity. There is a continued emphasis on observational drawing skills and using the principles of design to make successful and compelling compositions. The concept of distortion for expressive purposes is newly introduced.


     I am looking forward to working with your student and will do my best to make their experience a rich and rewarding one.