Scholarship Baskets (8-11)

    Each $1 donation receives an opportunity ticket. Each Ticket is then placed in a container with the others designated for that same basket. A winner is drawn at our Academy Awards ceremony on May 2nd. Winners need not be present at the ceremony. All money raised goes directly for student scholarships. No administrative cost are taken. No purchase necessary. Check out using your PayPal account or by credit card. Any questions or concerns please contact Alan Gersten at 714-796-7433 or James Oveson at 714-796-7471.

    Non-Profit Tax information:
    The Academies of Century High school is partnered with the Santa Ana Rotary Foundation. All scholarships awarded are issued through this foundation. The Santa Ana North Rotary Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization under IRS ruling 501(c)(3) and is a publicly supported charity under IRS ruling 170 (b)(l)(A)(vi).


     Basket #8 - Cosmetics and Beauty

    Donated By: Junior e-Business - Hoopla 

    Basket Contents: 4 Face Masks, Mascara, $25 Sephora, Bursh Cleaning Mat, Nose Strips. Beauty Blenders, Contour Pallete, Wall Polish, Hairspray, Brushes, Eye shadow and Lip Pallete


    Estimated Value: $115.00



    Basket #9  - Summer in the Sun

    Donated By: Sophomore e-Business - Period 4

    Basket Contents: Cooler, 2 Beach Towels, Water Guns, 2 Cans of Sunscreen Spray, Volleyball, 3 Pairs of Sunglasses, Delux Water Misting Fan, Water Resistant Pouch, X-SHot Rapid Filling Water Balloon Set (500), Foldable Chair, Beach Bag, 2 Foam Noodles


    Estimated Value:$200.00



    Basket #10 - Marvel Spider-Man Set

    Donated By: Madison Elementary 

    Basket Contents: Huffy Spider-Man 14” Bicycle, Spider-Man Super Web Slinger, Spider-Man Projector Light, Spider-Man Puzzle Coloring Set


    Estimated Value: $101.00



    movie 2

    Basket #11  - Love, Laugh, Thriller  

    Donated By: Senior e-Business - Connexus

    Basket Contents: 2 cokes, The Notebook, The Lorax, Get Out, $25 AMC gift card, 2 bags of hot cheetos, bag of snickers, Kit-Kats, Milk duds, 6 bags of popcorn, Popcorn Machine   


    Estimated Value:$90.00



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