• Tardy Policy

    (please see Brent Nagele with any tardy policy questions)

    Morning Procedures

    1.       Late students will receive tardy consequences and a “Detention Notice for Tardy” will serve as pass back to class.

    2.      Names are recorded on the Master detention list.

    3.      If a student enters your class tardy and does not have a slip, send student to Attendance office.

    4.      First two tardies are warnings, the third through sixth tardy warrants detentions.

    a.       7th tardy = Saturday Work Program

    b.      14th tardy = Suspension

    c.       21st tardy = S.A.R.B.


    During School Hours

    1.       Served detentions are recorded and marked off of the Master detention list.

    2.      A list is formed of students who owe detention.


    Tardies  (three to seventh period)

    1.       Regarding students who are late to third through seventh period, it is the responsibility of the teacher to use the detention slips.  Give the white copy to the student, keep a copy and turn in a copy to the “detention box” on desk in Teacher mailroom.

    2.      These slips are added to the Master detention list.


    After school

    1.       Assigned personnel will escort detention students to the designated detention room (320, 324 or Student Service) the last 10 minutes of period seven.


    Consequences for not serving detention

    1.       If student refuses to go with school personnel to detention, the next morning the student is picked up from their 2nd period class and suspended for the day for insubordination.



    1.      Students with seven or more detentions are assigned Saturday Work Study.

    2.      One Saturday work study clears four detentions.