• Dress and Grooming



    Certificated Personnel


    The Governing Board believes that since District staff serve as role models, they should maintain professional standards of dress and grooming.


    The Board encourages staff during school hours to wear clothing that demonstrates their high regard for education and presents an image consistent with their job responsibilities.  Clothes that may be appropriate for shop instructors or gym teachers may not be appropriate for classroom teachers.


    Employees shall not dress or groom themselves inappropriately if the manner of dress or grooming has an adverse effect on the District’s ability to deliver educational services, and its education programs, or endangers the health and safety of employees or students.

    In accordance with Education Code Section 45138, this policy shall apply to all certificated employees in the same manner, unless safety concerns or their assignments provides for modified dress, as approved by their principal/supervisor.  Such modifications may be approved on a temporary or on-going basis, depending upon the circumstances, such as a field trip activity, site “Spirit Day,” or assignments in non-air conditioned areas when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.  Special exceptions may also be made for religious or medical reasons.  Physician verification of modifications for a fixed period of time shall be accepted.  This policy shall comply with state and federal laws.

    Appropriate attire will demonstrate a high regard for education and the teaching profession and will present an image consistent with job responsibilities and community values and expectation.





    The following is the District’s expected dress attire:




    -Pantsuits, suits


    -Pants with shirt or blouse

    -Dress pants or casual dress pants     with shirt and tie

    -Pants with a sweater, coat or jacket

    -Dress pants or casual dress pants with shirt and tie, sweater, coat or jacket


    -Dress shoes

    -Skirts (including culottes or shorts) in a length no higher than 3” above the knee with shirt, blouse or sweater, coat or jacket


    -Dress shoes


                                                    BP 4119.22(b)


    Employees are required to follow the below-listed guidelines for inappropriate attire:


    Inappropriate attire for all includes the following:


                -Unprofessional tight-fitting or body-contoured clothing.

                -Inappropriately revealing clothing, such as:

                            -See-through blouses, shirts, skirts, shorts

                            -Bare midriffs

                            -Plunging necklines

                            -Backless tops

                            -Tank tops

                            -Short skirts (higher than 3” above the knee)

                            -Jeans or shorts (except for P.E.)

                            -T-shirts or shirts without collars (except for P.E.)

                            -Casual sweatshirts, sweat pants, sweat suits (except for P.E.)

    -Thongs, sandals, construction boots or dirty, stained, worn, torn or ---unrepaired shoes

    -Hats inside a building (excluding professional looking dress hats or hats

     that are worn for health purposes)

    -Clothing with inappropriate or distracting non-school logos or language, such as:

                Sports teams


                Vulgar language