• Century High School – United States History
     Instructor: William M. West                                                                 Office Hours/Tutorial: Mornings before 7:30 and/or                                                                                                             by appointment.
    United States History is a course designed to chronologically examine major tuning points in American history. Unit I will cover the American Beginnings to 1877: focusing on the United States' Beginnings to 1763; its Revolution and the Early Republic; the Growth of a Young Nation; and the Union in Peril.  Unit II will cover the Bridge to the 20th Century (1877 - 1917): focusing on Changes on the Western Frontier; the New Industrial Age; Immigrants and Urbanization, and Life at the Turn of the 20th Century.  Unit III will cover how Modern America Emerges (1890 - 1920): topics focusing on the Progressive Era; how America Claims an Empire; and the First World War.  Unit IV will cover the 1920s and the Great Depression (1919 - 1940): topics focusing on Politics of the Roaring Twenties; the Roaring Life of the 1920s; the Great Depression Begins; and the New Deal.  Unit V will examine World War II and its Aftermath (1931 - 1960): topics including how World War Looms; the United States in World War II; Cold War Conflicts; and the Postwar Boom.  Unit VI will focus on the United States Living with Great Turmoil (1954 - 1975): topics including the New Frontier and the Great Society; the Civil Rights movement; the Vietnam War Years; and an Era of Social Change.  Unit VII will examine America's Passage to a New Century (1968 - 2001): topics covering an Age of Limits; the Conservative Tide; and the United States in Today's World.
    Danzer, Gerald A., J. Jorge Klor de Alva, Larry S. Krieger, Louis E. Wilson and Nancy Woloch.  The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century.    Evanston, Illinois:McDougal Littell Inc., 2006.
    GRADING (cumulative):

    25% - Daily Class Activity and Participation

    45% - Unit Exams

    30% - Midterm/Final

    A+ = 97 – 100                        B+ = 87 – 89                        C+ = 77 – 79                        D+ = 67 – 69

    A = 93 – 96                            B = 83 – 86                           C = 73 – 76                          D = 63 – 66

    A- = 90 – 92                          B- = 80 – 82                         C- = 70 – 72                        D- = 60 – 62

                                                                                                    Below 60% is failing


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