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    Mr. Caetta
    Department: Science, RSP  

    Period 1 - prep 

    Period 2 - collaboration

    Period 3 - biology 

    Period 4 - earth science

    Period 5 - biology (rsp)

    Period 6 - biology (rsp)



    Course Description: 
    The science courses are facilitated in a laboratory setting using experimental procedures with scientific method, instruction directed to the core content standards with the suggested pacing chart guidelines for a dynamic curriculum. Students gain content knowledge of the sciences utilizing technology, chrome book for research based learning.  Students will use the scientific method, critical thinking skills, perform laboratory experimentation and procedures to complete assignments integrated with technology engaged in a cooperative learning environment directed towards the science standards coursework.




    prepared for class and assignments, projects, laboratory reports, data analysis and

    evaluations maintain laboratory notebook / journal with assignments, projects, notes, lab,

    chrome book reports, participation required, research based curriculum, exams, lab reports,

    project presentations demonstrate cooperative and collaborative skills with lab partners and

    group homework required w/ assignments due dates and projects demonstration of mastery of

    subject, assessments, project based learning knowledge of CHS expectations and guidelines, lab

    procedures and safety practices required

    Grade Scale 
    100 - 89  A
      89 - 78  B
      77 - 67  C
      66 - 56  D
      55 -  0   F    
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