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    Department: Science, Chemistry & Physics
    Room 408
    Extension: 67408

    Course Description:  Chemistry and Physics are college prep courses that are math-oriented where techniques in problem solving and working in cooperative learning groups are greatly emphasized.


    I. Warm-up Activities

    1. During the first few minutes of class, students will be assigned a warm-up activity. 
    2. Students are expected to work without talking to other classmates and are expected to complete the assigned activity within the given time, which is typically 5 minutes. Unfinished work will not receive the points. If the warm-up activity is to read the lab background and answer questions related to the lab,unfinished work means that you will not be able to participate in that day’s lab.

    III. Labs
    1. Science is a Lab-intensive course. We will be doing labs at least one day per week, therefore good attendance is critical for success. 

    2. If you are absent for a lab, you are expected to complete make-up labs. 
    3. It is your responsibility to keep track of missing classwork and labs and turn them in promptly. Missing work will be posted as a 0 on the weekly posted grades.  

    5. Inappropriate behavior during labs will result in a 0 for that lab and loss of lab privileges for the next lab.

     IV. Tests
    1. Tests will be given upon completion of a chapter or pair of chapters.
    2. Periodic Tables are always allowed to be used on tests. 

    V. Class Participation
    1. There will be a pool of class participation points worth approximately 10% of the total semester grade.  Points will be deducted for tardies and lack of participation in learning team activities and lab work.


    VII. Grade Determination
    Labs                                 25% 
    Tests                                35% 
    Class Participation          10%
    Homework / Classwork     30%

    Grade Scale:

    90% and above   = A
    80% - 89%          = B
    70% - 79%          = C
    60% - 69%          = D
    59% and below   = F


    Grades are posted on a weekly basis. 


    Class Rules:
    1. Be Prompt: When the bell rings, be in assigned seat ready to learn.
    2. Be Prepared: Bring supplies, completed homework, and binder to class.
    3. Be Polite: Respect teachers, classmates and classroom environment,including raising your hand to ask questions or to reply to one.

    4. Century Progressive discipline policy will be followed for any students not acting in a scholarly manner. 




    Period 1 Prep Period  

    Period 2 Honors Physics  
    Period 3 Honors Chemistry
    Period 4 Honors Chemistry
    Period 5 Chemistry  
    Period 6 Honors Chemistry