Guidelines for Book Reports and Reading Logs:


    AR Testing: 

    AR Website

    log in: district ID # (no zeroes in front of ID#)

    password: s + district ID (lower case, no space, no zeros)

    Website to find books that have AR quizzes: AR Books


    1. When you log in, you will select the “Accelerated Reader” (blue button).
    2. You will take the reading quiz. Be sure to find the correct version, correct author, and it is the “unabridged” in parentheses.
    3. Quizzes vary from 1o to 20 questions, and take about 5-10 minutes.


    AR Quiz Rules:

    1. You must score 70% or better to earn credit for having read the book.
    2. You must take the quizzes on school network (it won’t let you take it at home).
    3. You must take the quizzes with me, at lunch or after school within the deadline. You may NOT take it with another teacher.
    4. You must take the quiz on books recorded on your reading logs. Any deviation means you receive a zero.
    5. The score you received on your reading test also translates over to your reading log grade. If you read your book, recorded your reading truthfully on your reading log, then you should be fine.
    6. I will let you know how many points you will need to receive full credit for each deadline.



    English Reading Logs:

    1. You are expected to read 5 nights a week. 
    2. The SSR book you are reading must be checked by me WEEKLY because eventually the book(s) you are reading in your reading logs must match the book(s) on the AR test. Failure to bring your books every week will result in a deduction of your reading log grades.
    3. Summaries must be at least 10 sentences long. 
    4. You must have a parent signature for each entry.
    5. If the reading log is incomplete or not submitted on the day of the check, you will receive a homework card.
    6. Reading log checks and book checks are every Monday except when Monday is a holiday; then it will be checked the next school day.
    8. The following books are banned:
    • Any book from the Twilight series
    • Any book from the Harry Potter series
    • Any book from the Child Called It series
    • Anything by R.L. Stine
    • The Outsiders
    • The Giver
    • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
    • Don’t Turn Around
    • The Berlin Boxing Club
    • All American Boys
    • Any book on any grade level’s mandatory reading list.

     And any book I feel is not grade level appropriate.


    SSR - Seminar and English Reading Logs





    Book Reports:

    • You must check an age/grade level appropriate book with me two weeks prior to the end of the six week grading period.


    • Your book report must correspond to the book you check with me in order to receive credit.  If you write your book report on a different book other than the one you check with me, you will receive a 0/100.


    • You MUST USE THE BOOK REPORT FORM found on my website.


    • Book reports must be 1300 words total for the fiction book report or 1150 for the non-fiction book report.  These word counts include the template. If you do not reach this word count, you will also receive a homework card.


    • If your book report does not make the minimum word count requirement, you will be deducted at least 10% off the grade.


    • Book reports must be submitted to turnitin.com or you will receive a zero.


    • The book submitted for your book report must match the book on your reading log.


    • Your word count will NOT carry over for the next 6 weeks.

    Fiction Book Report Form

    Fiction Book Report
    *All plagiarized reports will be subjected to the school's academic honesty policy.

    Non-Fiction Book Report Form:
    *All plagiarized reports will be subjected to the school's academic honesty policy.

    Word Count Website:

    Word Count Formula:

    Word Count Formula

    *This formula will help you find the Word Count for your book.  If you have questions regarding the formula, see me after school or before school.
    **You should ONLY use this formula if you cannot find the word count online***

Last Modified on August 12, 2018