College and Career Project (due Sunday 5/20 before midnight) 

    Here is an example, some statements are left black on purpose. 

    College and Career Project

    If you plan to pursue a vocational career (chef, automotive, cosmetics) you much research a vocational school. 








    Social Reconstruction articel due before(email) or during(physical copy) 6th period on Monday 

    Example of what you should have turned in by Thursday 11/9/17 before class starts  Slides

    If you are using google slides, share the link with nancy.flores@sausdlearns.net 

    If you are using power point, keynote, or prezi you can also send it to that email. 

    Here are websites that can help you create a graph if you do not want to draw one 

    graph maker

    Bar Graph Maker

    Bar Graph Maker #2

    On some slide show makers, you can insert a graph on the slides directly