Attendance Procedures

    1.       Please take attendance at the beginning of each period and no later than 8:30.


    2.     Please check attendance by NAME and by HEAD COUNT to insure ACCURACY.


    3.   If you are having trouble accessing Aeries Attendance during 1st period, please call me at x 67013. (You will get a hard copy of your attendance roster).


    4.    If you accidentally marked a student absent, please make corrections before the period has ended or you may forget. Otherwise you will have to fill out an Attendance Correction Form


    5.     If you take attendance by roster, it is IMPERATIVE that you turn in your roster before the period is complete. Please send the roster with a trustworthy student.


    6.    If there are any errors found for previous days, please email Attendance or you can call.


    7.     If you will be covering for a teacher and you have not received the attendance roster please contact Elizabeth MacieI x 67085


    Please don’t forget to submit your attendance.

    Our ADA can be affected.




    When planning an activity on or off campus which requires students’ missing class time, please do the following:

    1)    Fill out a Student Excuse List for Student Activities 

    2)   Make sure all fields, on form, are filled out including student names and ID#s.

                                  3)   PLEASE submit forms, to Attendance, no later than   2 day before the trip/event.

    4)   On the day of trip/event, take roll of students who are actually on the bus/vehicle or at campus event and turn in the final list to Attendance before leaving campus or before event starts.

     This will prevent attendance problems and assist with accurate attendance for the day.