• Waste Management
    Here are some online resources to help you better understand the topic of waste management.
    Keep in mind that there is a large amount of cross over between waste management and pollution!
    Check out this video on Hippocampus that explains how landfills work.
    This quick video discusses the process of waste incineration.
    This TED Talk illustrates some pretty cool ways to reuse your trash!  (I recommend watching with the subtitles on since the speakers accent can be pretty thick.)
    In this TED Talk, Captain Charles Moore discusses the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  He is definitely not comfortable as a presenter, but what he has to say is utterly engaging and eye opening.
    CNN Presents ran a 2 segment story about plastics that do not make their way into a landfill.
    Have you ever heard of e-waste?  Check out this 60 minutes segment on the fate of much of the US's e-waste.
    SunChips took a stab at creating a more ecologically minded product, marketing a compostable chip bag.  However, they had to take them off the market after repeated complaints about how LOUD the bags were.  No joke. 
    Check out these articles and links.  It's a pretty interesting story! 
Last Modified on September 26, 2019