• The story of the Lorax and the Truax
    In 1972, Dr. Seuss wrote a book called The Lorax to commemorate Earth Day (April 22.)
    The book has a definite message about environmental responsibility, and a pro-environmentalism bent.
    In response to the book, Terri Birkett, who was an "active member of the hardwood flooring industry," wrote Truax, a book in which a character named Truax explains to a creature called Guardbark how loggers are protecting forests. 
    The links below will take you to an online version of Truax, and a powerpoint version of The Lorax.  Check out both, and think about what each has to teach about environmental issues.  Which do you like better?  Why?  The Lorax is a fable, using animals and other creatures imbued with human characteristics to deliver a message, the Truax is much less story like - how does that affect your response to each?  Which might be more effective for teaching kids about environmental causes?  What do you think the message is of each book?  Do you agree with those messages?
    Click here to check out a powerpoint version of The Lorax.
Last Modified on September 26, 2019