• Welcome to Mr. Pinto's Biology Classes - 2018-2019
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    General Information

    Classroom 2-215
    Phone - 714-433-6600
    University Attended - Concordia University, Irvine
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    Schedule 2018-2019

    Period 1 Biology
    Period 2 Biology
    Period 3 Honors Biology
    Period 4 Honors Biology
    Period 5 Conference Period 
    Period 6 Wrestling


    Tuesdays Mornings 7:00-7:45 a.m.

    Next Generation Science Standards - Biology

    Structure and Function - http://www.nextgenscience.org/topic-arrangement/hsstructure-and-function 
    Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems - http://www.nextgenscience.org/topic-arrangement/hsmatter-and-energy-organisms-and-ecosystems
    Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems - http://www.nextgenscience.org/topic-arrangement/hsinterdependent-relationships-ecosystems
    Inheritance and Variation of Traits - http://www.nextgenscience.org/topic-arrangement/hsinheritance-and-variation-traits
    Natural Selection and Evolution - http://www.nextgenscience.org/topic-arrangement/hsnatural-selection-and-evolution
    Additionally, we will cover concepts and standards that are applicable to Earth and Space Sciences
    Space Systems - http://www.nextgenscience.org/topic-arrangement/hsspace-systems
    "Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn't work Hard" 
                                                Author Tim Notke
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