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    9th Grade World Geography
    featuring: Mr. Gentile
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    Google Classroom codes are listed below.
    Period 1: World Geography - fnnsw3
              Period 3: World Geography  - pupfzno
    Period 4: World Geography  - ua0j33i
        Period 5: World Geography - 61jflv
    Period 6: Aquatics - oob3yt
    For the online textbook, Modern World History or World Regional Geography, go to  http://classzone.com 
    Choose eservices at top of page and enter Username: sausd2   Password: sausd2.  Then, select the appropriate textbook.
    The Earth is a pretty cool place. Here are a few of my favorite shots I've taken over the years.
     White Desert Rio bay Bryce Canyon Ireland cliffs Hawaii sunrise open road volcano hot springs Sinai pyramids waterfall Floripa