• Hello everyone, for as long as we are not convening on school grounds, all class assignments and assessments will be administered online on Google Classroom.  Necessary codes are listed below.
    Welcome to:
    9th Grade World Geography
    featuring: Mr. Gentile
    You can reach me at:  nicholas.gentile@sausdlearns.net
    You can also contact me through PARENTSQUARE
    Parents: Please join Google Classroom as a Guardian and join Remind as a parent
    On Google Classroom, you will find current assignments, quizzes/tests
    Portfolio Table of Contents, and important announcements.
    Google Classroom codes are listed below.
    Period 2: World Geography - lpzfru7
               Period 3: World Geography - wclxte6         
            Period 4: World Geography - tsfgt74        
            Period 5: World Geography - 7hfftjy         
    Period 6: Aquatics - hqfyios
    Students and parents also need to join "Remind" so that they can be updated about any new assignments or quizzes/tests, or just daily announcements.  Here are the following codes:
    Period 2 World Geography: @b28g29
    Period 3 World Geography: @cda74a
                 Period 4 World Geography: @6cgbgb             
                 Period 5 World Geography: @3bdb2a              
    Period 6 Aquatics: @89aebh
    The Earth is a pretty cool place. Here are a few of my favorite shots I've taken over the years.
     White Desert Rio bay Bryce Canyon Ireland cliffs Hawaii sunrise open road volcano hot springs Sinai pyramids waterfall Floripa