Distance Learning Class Expectations:

    1.  Join online meeting on time.

    2.  Respond to me with video when you are addressed. You MUST participate in reading activities, discussion, and general conversation.

    3.  Be appropriate at all times: language, clothing/attire, show respect to other students....

    4.  Complete all work on time.  

    5.  Grades: 50% of grade is Classwork, 40% is Quizzes/Tests, Participation is 10%.


    Class Procedures(When at School)

        1.     We enter the class quietly and immediately, and are in our seats when the bell rings.

    2.     When class is being conducted, we raise our hands to get attention.  We never leave our desks without permission

    3.     If someone needs to sharpen their pencil, raise the pencil into the air, unless during “warm–up.”  We use the pencil sharpener at the back of class during non-instruction time.

    4.     Use of the restroom is permissible only during Check “Agenda” on front board for daily work/assignments, also for home assignments.  Record assignments on a daily basis.

    5.     When absent, first check with a neighbor for missed work, then me.  There will be a basket at back or side of class with daily worksheets….

    6.     When finished with work early, you may read silently, study, or work on ongoing assignments; we don’t distract others.

    7.     Use only college rule paper, but never torn out of notebook.

    8.     Never pack up early, I will tell you when to do so. I will dismiss you, not the bell.

    9.     We are always prepared with the necessary materials.

    10.  Communicate with the teacher about any special issues and/or circumstances, which may require attention.

    These procedures have been developed to save time, minimize distractions, and create a more productive and safe work environment. There are consequences if they are not followed, such as warnings, detentions, referrals to the principal, etc. are based on Godinez's school-wide discipline policy, but students following the class procedures need not be concerned with them. 





    ·      Students will have homework 2-3 times per week and usually a quiz/test on Fridays

    ·      Missed notes or worksheets can be found in a file box at the front of the room.

    ·      Students who are absent are given as much time as they were gone to make up the work.  For example, if a student misses 2 days, he/she has 2 days to complete the work.