Period 1 Gov/Econ

    Period 2 US Hist

    Period 3 Academic Support

    Period 4 Prep

    Period 5 Prep

    Period 6 World History



    Overview of the G.I.F.T.S Program Behavioral Strategic Components
    Social Skills Curriculum
    • How to follow instructions
    • How to accept criticism or consequence
    • How to accept “no” for an answer
    • How to greet others
    • How to get the teacher’s permission
    • How to make a request
    • How to disagree appropriately

    How to resist peer pressure

    How to apologize

    How to engage in a conversation

    How to give a compliment

    How to accept a compliment

    How to volunteer

    How to report peer behavior

    How to introduce yourself


Last Modified on September 17, 2018