• Atlas Program Overview:
    This behavioral model involves the identification of desirable pro-social behavioral expectations, the effective use of instructional strategies to teach those expectations, the application of an incentive system, and effective implementation of reinforcement principles.

    The Social Skills Curriculum provides the foundation for a structured educational approach to the socialization of school-age children. The curriculum offers a manageable yet well-defined set of 16 social behaviors. Due to the student success rate, an additional 16 behaviors have been created.

    Social Skills Curriculum

    • How to follow instructions
    • How to accept criticism or consequence
    • How to accept “no” for an answer
    • How to greet others
    • How to get the teacher’s permission
    • How to make a request
    • How to disagree appropriately
    • How to resist peer pressure
    • How to apologize
    • How to engage in a conversation
    • How to give a compliment
    • How to accept a compliment
    • How to volunteer
    • How to report peer behavior
    • How to introduce yourself  
    Motivation System
    The ATLAS Program uses Teaching Interaction to establish new behaviors, it is also essential that the process includes the giving of positive consequences when the student performs desired behaviors so that newly acquired behavior can be strengthened
Last Modified on October 7, 2019