• Online Course Registration for 2022-2023

    GFHS Parents and Students: 

    In an effort to include all parents and their students, as well as improve efficiency for all, Godinez Fundamental High School is excited to announce the opening of 2022-2023 Online Course Registration! With this dynamic shift in the course registration process, there will be some learning opportunities for everyone.

    There are a few major steps in planning each student’s program of study and online course registration for next school year: (1) ensure your student has logged into their Aeries student portal account, (2) all students will attend an orientation with counselors and complete the registration, (3) students will review courses with their parents before meeting one-on-one with their counselor to review courses, and (4) course selections will be based on student need towards graduation and counselor discretion. Important dates are listed below:


    Current Grade

    Orientation Date

    Online Registration Portal Open

    Online Portal Closed @

    6:00 pm

    Meetings with Counselors


    February 3

    February 1 

    February 3

    2/23- 3/2


    February 2

    February 1 

    February 3

    2/15- 2/22


    February 1

    February 1 

    February 3

    2/8- 2/10


    Step-by-step instructions for completing online course registration can be found on our website. A course planning guide is also available on our website. When choosing courses, please keep the following in mind:

    • All students must take a minimum of 6 classes (30 credits) per semester (Seniors may qualify for early release).
    • Please select your courses carefully; select classes needed for graduation.
    • All classes receive 5 credits per semester if a passing grade of D or better is earned (C or better is preferred).
    • AP courses are college-level courses that will prepare students for the AP Exam. Students have the potential to earn college credit based on the AP exam scores. Students are making a yearlong commitment when registering for an AP course.
    • Upon transcript review courses selected may be subject to change. 
    Click below to begin registering:
    Aeries login link


     Elizabeth Castro



     Lillian Moreno



     Alba Valenzuela


    Mar- Pac

     Natalie DiLullo


    Pad- Sam

     Michelle Holguin


    San-Vaz (DGA)

     Matthew Hall


    Veg-Z (AVID)

     Veronica Chavez