• Mrs. Rodriguez
    Period 1  Algebra 2                  Periods  2, 3 ,5, 6  Honors Algebra 2

    Welcome!  I am a math teacher currently teaching

    Algebra 2  and Honors Algebra 2/ Precalculus

    Below are the links to the course syllubus for each class. 

    In them I include topics/ chapters we will cover in the course and grading policies and expectations. 

    Algebra 2 Course Syllubus          Honors Algebra 2 Syllubus


    All weekly assignments are posted on Google Classroom along with any handouts passed out in class. 

    If you are ever absent, go to your google classroom  and you will see all classwork and homework assignments listed for each day, including copies of any handouts.  

    Below are the Google Classroom Codes for each Period if you need to join the class:

                 per1: f1tbp5    per2: 0d4m2ph     per3: fg7fgej         

    per5: pmwiqm         per6: vlzv4k7


    If you need help on homework or would like to review or study for a test,  please come by room for tutoring: 

    Tutoring Schedule**:

    Most Tuesdays /Wednesdays /Thursdays

    Lunch,  before School, and After School

    ** Unless I have a meeting--- check calendar posted on our classroom door

    Online Homework help: use eBook  at ebooks.cpm.org

    If you are stuck on your homework, your ebook will give you hints on how to do most of the homework "REVIEW /PREVIEW" problems,
     including correct answers in some cases.

    Feel free to email me if you have questions!
Last Modified on August 22, 2019