godinez fundamental high school - TIPS
    tips for success include: 
    • Maintain good attendance
    • Be punctual
    • Follow the dress code
    • Use an agenda
    • Get involved in clubs and/or sports activities    
    • Volunteer to gain Community Service experience     
    • Maintain a positive attitude
    • Bring your school supplies
    • Do your homework
    • Have a place at home to study without interruptions
    • Try to pick the same time each day to do your homework
    • If you do not understand an assignment, ask your teacher
    • Attend tutoring before or after school
    • Use the library
    • Use the Computer Lab
    • Attend tutoring with your teachers 
    • Use all the resources available to you
    • Stay in contact with your counselor


    Source: Godinez Fundamental High School Student Handbook
Last Modified on January 3, 2020