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  • Join or go to the CSF Google Classroom to apply during the twice-a-year application drives. Please make sure you are in the Google Classroom and check the spreadsheet for your club status/standing. 


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    What is CSF?
    The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) emphasizes high academic standards, community service, and citizenship for California high school students. Founded in 1921, and with over 1600 chapters, the California Scholarship Federation is the oldest scholarship institution in the state of California. 

    Membership Information
    CSF Membership is based solely on academics and is held during the semester following when the qualifying grades were earned and is for one semester only. A point system specified in the CSF State By-Laws establishes membership requirements, and the student must earn sufficient points from pre-approved course lists. In order to become a member, the student must submit an application each semester the student is eligible.

    Sealbearer Status
    CSF Sealbearer status is achieved by maintaining active membership in at least four semesters, one coming from senior year. One of the honors this status holds is sitting in the front rows at graduation and receiving graduation with honors status and awards. 

  • Scholastic Qualifications
    Must earn a minimum of 10 points on the CSF Scale
    May use no more than 5 classes to qualifyA’s = 3 CSF Points
    B’s = 1 CSF Point
    AP and Honors courses: add 1 point with a maximum of 2 extra points per semester. Dual enrollment courses do not earn an extra CSF point unless they are marked on your transcript as "Honors" level.

    From CSF: 7 (Seven) of the 10 (ten) points (including the four List I points) must come from List I and II courses. Of course, all seven points may come from List I. Sports and PE courses do not count. 

    The last 3 (three) points may come from any list.

    Up to 5 (five) academic courses (or 25 credits) may be used to earn the 10 (ten) points.






CSF Board Members: President, Rachel Solano