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     I'm just like Thomas Jefferson, except I have a bigger belly and didn't write the Declaration of Independence.  UCLA Bruins
    I'm just like Thomas Jefferson, except I didn't write
    the Declaration of Independence, invent things, donate
    books to create the Library of Congress, or own slaves.  
    But I have been to France just like Jefferson.
    Period 1 - APUSH
    Period 3 - U.S. History & Geography
    Period 4 - APUSH
    Period 5 - APUSH
    Period 6 - APUSH
    Here is the link to my YouTube channel with videos that explain the graphic organizers we use in APUSH.
    Contact Information:
    Room - 1-263
    E-mail - Adrian.Montero@sausd.us
    Before school (M - F) from 7:15 - 7:45
    After school (M - TH) from 3:00 - 3:45