• 9th Grade World Geography Class Syllabus
    Mr. Gentile
    Room 1-266


    Course Description: World Regional Geography is a year-long course. Students will study the world by looking at location, place, region, movement and human-environment interaction. Students will be challenged to make connections between different regions and cultures in preparation for the 10th grade World History and 11th grade United States courses.  Students will engage in a rigorous curriculum that focuses on literacy, and preparation for the CAHSEE, CST, and SAT exams. 


    Course Objectives: The students will be able to:

    ·       Show connections between the regional mosaic of the world and the larger social, economic, and political trends and developments of history.

    ·       Utilize a variety of maps and documents to interpret human movement, including major patterns of migration, the frictions that develop between population groups, and the diffusion of ideas, technological innovations, and goods.

    ·       Relate world events to the physical and human characteristics of places and regions.

    ·       Analyze human modifications of landscapes and examine the resulting environmental policy issues.

    ·       Collect, evaluate, and employ information from multiple primary and secondary sources and apply it in oral and written presentations.


    Course Content:

    Unit 1 – Basics of Geography and the World

    Unit 2 – United States                                       

    Unit 3 – Latin America

    Unit 4 – Russia                                                      

    Unit 5 – Africa                                     

    Unit 6 – Middle East

    Unit 7–  Asia


    Course Core Values: We are Champions of Character and will display them!                                                                          

    ·       Respect

    ·       Responsibility

    ·       Integrity

    ·       Servant Leadership

    ·       Sportsmanship



    •       Homework will be assigned regularly     
    •      I will try to call parents whenever they fail to do their homework
    •       Students will receive a "yellow card" when they miss work.  The consequences are progressive, and when they reach 9 missing assignments, they may          be not welcome at Godinez any longer.          
    •       GFHS attendance, behavior, and dress  code policies will be enforced (see student handbook) 




                      -   Godinez Fundamental High School’s progressive discipline plan will be enforced.


    Grading Scale:

    100-90%                A

    89-80%                  B

    79-70%                  C

    69-60%                  D

    59% & Below        F