• Agriculture and Soil
    Some people are very strongly opposed to GMO's.  Others are staunch supporters. 
    There are smart, knowledegable people on both sides of the debate, so how do you know what to believe?
    Will GMO's really lead to the end of civilization? 
    Or will they save it?
    Or is the truth somewhere in between?
    Decide for yourself!!
    Follow the link to PBS's Harvest of Fear web site, intended to accompany their documentary
             of the same name, and read for yourself the pros and cons of Genetically Modified Organisms.
    Harvest of Fear video: the video is 2 hours long, and has only recently been posted on YouTube in 12 parts (yes, 12!)  The embedded video below will show all the segments in sequence, and does include commercials - feel free to skip them!  It's the best version I can find  =)
    Agricultural History
    This is a cool video about the agricultural revolution (the worst mistake in human history....)

Last Modified on September 26, 2019