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  • Mrs. Angelita Wright

     SAUSD Teacher since November, 1996

    Department: Library


    The library is open at 7:30AM before school, during classes with a hall pass from teachers, and after school until 4PM.





    Library Media Specialists begin the class by learning to use the Destiny library and textbook circulation program during the first six weeks of the semester.  In addition, students learn and practice textbook processing for new books, discarding for weeded books, and participate in the district's spring semester textbook inventory scanning under the supervision and direction of Mrs. Wright, the Teacher-Librarian, and the Library Technician, Mrs. Gonzalez.  Library Media Specialists work at maintaining a professional rapport with all staff and students with an inviting and courteous, "How may I help you?"


    Library Media Specialists acquire skills and knowledge about running a library.  Students study and practice shelving books on an electronic, virtual shelf until they have mastered the training program.  Students promote from the computer training to the library after completion of all tutorial levels of online practice and mastery.  Library Media Specialists assist with the freshmen class orientations on the use of Destiny, our online public access catalog, and how to access the books on the shelves. Within twelve weeks, the library's reception and circulation services are primarily student-run with supervision and support from the Teacher-Librarian and the Library Technician.

    Established at Century High School in 2007, Library Media Specialists gain expertise at receiving and completing photocopy service orders from our teachers and our support staff as they serve on Century's student-run photocopy service team.
    Century's Library Media Specialists also support the computer lab at the library by reporting out of service computers on our site's computer service and repair request form online whenever a computer technician is needed to keep our lab fully maintained.
    After twelve weeks of training rotations, students self-select service in the area(s) that best match their skills and abilities.