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  • Susana Herrera

    E-mail: Susana.Herrera@sausd.us
    Room: 5207


    Department: English



    AVID I

    Why AVID? 

       The AVID elective class provides instruction in academic skills essential for college-readiness including writing, inquiry, note-taking, reading, collaboration, communicating with teachers, time management, and accessing rigorous coursework. The AVID teacher will also monitor and support students’ progress in all their classes. Century has AVID classes in grades 9 – 12.

       AVID is a nationally recognized college-preparatory program for students whose academic performance in their classes is average, or even below average, but who, with additional support and instruction, have the potential and determination to perform above average, and to have a successful experience in more challenging, college-prep curriculum, including AP and Honors courses. 

    Materials: two inch binder, highlighter, pens (different colors), pencil, dividers, sticky notes, (different sizes), Chromebook, and access to Google apps.  
    Advanced ELD
       This is a skills-based class for students with advanced English proficiency. You already know how to speak, listen and read to a high level. The focus of this class will be to continue language development and develop critical thinking skills in the English language.
       This is a student-centered, workshop style class. That means the teacher will spend a little time talking and the students will spend a lot of time speaking or working. Students can expect to do a lot of pair discussion work along with individual tasks. There will be reading from the textbook along with extra material provided by the teacher. A variety of small in-class projects, puzzles and activities will be used to build vocabulary, improve fluency and increase general knowledge.  
    Materials: spiral notebook, highlighter, pens (different colors), pencil, sticky notes, (different sizes), Chromebook, and access to Google apps.   

    AP Language and Composition

       The AP Language and Composition course is a college-level program that introduces students to a wide range of expository prose in order to broaden their scope of rhetorical ideas and deepen their awareness of the power of language. The course is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of a college level writing class and includes expository, analytical, personal, and argumentative texts from a variety of authors and historical contexts.  These works provide examples of prose writings that students can emulate in their own writing experiences as they discover and create their own style and voice. 

       This course provides students with the information necessary to read analytically, formulate theories and arguments based on the readings, and respond by composing articulate essays that utilize advanced elements of sentence structure, syntax, style, purpose, and tone. The purpose of the AP English Language course is to help students “write effectively and confidently in their college courses across the curriculum and in their Professional and personal lives.” (The College Board, AP English Course Description, May 2007, p. 6).  Using rhetorical principles, students will learn how to become critical thinkers, and apply that knowledge to their writing by revising and improving their essays, as well as critiquing and editing peer essays. In addition, students will be required to thoroughly research relevant topics, synthesize information from a variety of sources, and document their knowledge in a well written report using proper cite notations such as MLA or APA.
    Materials: spiral notebook (100 page), highlighter, pens (different colors), pencil, sticky notes, (different sizes), Chromebook, Samuel Cohen's 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology, second edition, and access to Google apps.   

    Summer homework: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AitfJfUM-m9zFtblyzWec8krMHA2UaKzuFCEIIxx4OY