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    PERIOD 1:  English 12 ERWC
    PERIOD 2:  English 12 ERWC
    PERIOD 3:  English 11
    PERIOD 4:  English 11
    PERIOD 5:  Conference/Prep
    PERIOD 6:  Cross Country/Track
     Thanksgiving 2014 Carlsbad 5k 2016
    TEACHER NAME:  Christian "Mr. Cush" Cushing-murray
    Department:  English
    "Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it"
    --Thomas Paine
    Syllabus/Course Outline:  Welcome!
    I will keep this simple:  we’re here to learn English.  We will write, we will read, we will speak, we will listen, and above all, we will think.

    Course Content:  we will cover various genres of literature, including poetry, short stories, novels, and plays, mostly written by people now dead, yet immortalized by the printed word.  I will provide students with some of the tools necessary for understanding literature, and thinking critically about it; proper use of these tools will determine your grade.

    Course Expectations:  I work hard, but more important, I work for you; therefore I have condensed all rules into one big credo under which we all can live by, and all other rules are subsequent to:
    That means to me, AND to each other, especially when addressing the class, AND to your world (after all, it is your world), AND to yourself (you’re stuck with you forever...).  Rules that fall under this credo are as follows:  attend class, be on time, be honest, do your work, do the right thing, come to class prepared, be nice, follow directions, participate, and use your brain, because in all likelihood, no one else will.

    Period 1:  e-Business/SENIOR English/Room 425
    Period 2:  SENIOR English/Room 425
    Period 3:  JUNIOR English/Room 425
    Period 4:  JUNIOR English/Room 425
    Period 5:  Conference period/Prep
    Period 6:  Cross Country/Track


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