Ms. Tsai, English Language Arts


     **All assignments and agendas are on Canvas.
    (714) 241-5000 




    Period 1: Ethnic Studies 10 Honors
    Period 2: Ethnic Studies 10 Honors
    Period 3: Conference Period
    Period 4: Ethnic Studies 10 Honors

    Period 5: Ethnic Studies 10
    Period 6: Ethnic Studies 10

    My tutoring hour is on Tuesday, 3-3:30 PM and by appointment if you cannot make after school tutoring.

    Hi! I'm Ms. Tsai, and I have been teaching English 10CP for 5 years and English 10 Honors for 8 years.  I graduated from UCLA with a double major of English and History, and received my Masters in Education from UCI.  

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