Ways to contact Mr. Q:
    YouTube Tutorials and Lessons Channel:

    Materials that you need on your desk everyday:
    • Charged Chromebook
    • Graph Paper Notebook
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Highlighter
    • 3x5 Index Cards
    • Zip Lock Sandwich Bag (for your index cards)
    • Scientific Calculator (has SIN, COS, and TAN buttons)
    • Ruler 
    • Hotdogs (optional)
    • Onion Rings (optional)
    • Chocolate Milk (optional)

    Material that should definitely NOT be on your desk or close to your desk anyday:

    •  Your phone


    2021-2022 Schedule
    1st Period:
    Honors Geometry
    2nd Period:
    Honors Geometry
    3rd Period:
    Honors Geometry
    4th Period:
    5th Period:
    6th Period:

    Club Advisor For:

    Chess Club

    Learn how to play the game of Kings and Queens.  Improve your strategy and compete with other mental athletes. 



    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)


    Eat pizza, play games, meet cool new people, and hear an impactful message of hope from a collegiate or professional athlete or fellow student on how their lives changed for the better. 




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Last Modified on August 17, 2021