•  Welcome to TPP with Mrs. Flores!
    TPP Class Syllabus
    Period 4

    Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Flores

    Email: Jennifer.flores@sausd.us

    Direct line: 714-241-5328


    Welcome to the Jobs/TPP class!  It is our pleasure to share the Transition Partnership Program (TPP) with you this school year.  While we wish we could serve all seniors who would like assistance, the partnership between the Dept. of Rehabilitation and SAUSD is limited on the number of students it serves. We hope you benefit fully from this valuable opportunity. To be successful in this class, your effort and cooperation is a necessity. You may contact us with any questions or concerns.


    The focus of this class is to work in partnership with Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and other local education agencies (LEAs) to help students learn pre-employment skills.  The purpose of this partnership is to successfully transition students into meaningful employment and/or secondary education. 

     Life Skills/Personal Finance:  The class curriculum includes real-life math and money skills, work-related reading for understanding, writing skills, communication skills, and decision-making skills.

     Career Planning: Students will identify interests and abilities to help them outline a career goal.  Students will also be exposed to various career and job opportunities through guest speakers and community based job exploration (CBJEs) trips.

     Career Education and Training: As part of the curriculum, students will also create a professional portfolio including completed job applications, a résumé, a cover letter, and personal references.  Lessons also include mock interviews, workplace behavior and job-keeping skills.

     Professional Days: A professional appearance is almost as important as communication skills. On certain field trip and mock interview days, students will be expected to dress in a professional manner as they would to get a job application or go to a job interview. We will provide more information to both students and parents.

     Work Experience/Time Cards: District job developers will work with students to find a meaningful paid work experience for TPP students out in the community. Because attendance, accountability, and organization are such valuable skills for success after high school, students will be required to keep a daily time card where they will sign in and out with the date and time, and record their hour at the work site.


    Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Our community assistant will periodically give students and parents (unless student is 18) many documents that provide information, obtain permission, and allow students to participate in activities and receive opportunities. 

     It is vital to the program and each individual case that any paperwork is completed and sent back as soon as possible.  It is also important for your records and understanding to keep copies of all documents. 

    Attendance and Grades

    Grades are based on a point system that is converted to the traditional grading system.

    A- 90%-100%

    B- 80%-89%

    C- 70%-79%

    D- 60%-69%

    F- 59% and below

     Parents and students are urged to frequently check Aeries for student grades.  Students will be given printed progress reports periodically and can earn points in the class for returning the progress reports with your signature. 

     Because of the structure of this class, daily attendance is important. Grades will suffer as a result of poor attendance, and this includes tardies. When absent, you will document your absence as a personal necessity (PN), sick day (S), or vacation day (V).  It is your responsibility to ask for make-up work when returning from an absence. 


    Being late to a job or an interview is without a doubt one of the most unprofessional mistakes an employee can make.  Don’t be late because someone may be depending on you!


    Classroom Guidelines

    All students have been provided with a copy of the district and school policies. Students are to observe those guidelines and the following in this class:


    1.     Treat yourself and others with respect.

    2.      Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

    3.     Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    4.     Bring class materials and completed assignments

    5.     Although they provide peace of mind in an emergency, cell phone usage in the class is unacceptable. Consider this your warning, no unauthorized use of a cell in class!

     Remember that this is a jobs class and while we can have fun, please remain professional at all times.  Think about the behavior an employer would allow!





    The Segerstrom High School website - https://www.sausd.us/segerstrom is a valuable tool to:

    • Keep updated on events at Segerstrom
    • Make contact with teachers and administrators
    • Find information about Aeries Parent Portal to access students’ grades.



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