• Welcome! My name is Gerardo Ramirez and it is my privilege to be the music teacher at Godinez Fundamental High School.

    My Bachelor's degree is in both Music Education and Trumpet Performance. I love performing with Jazz Bands, Salsa groups, Mariachis, Orchestras, Wind Bands, and any other kind of group that allows me to play my trumpet.

    It is my firm belief that all students are entitled to a high quality music education. My students display their mastery over concepts through performances, playing tests, and daily participation. As a teacher, I advocate for high quality instructional materials, working instruments, and a positive and safe learning environment for all students. I focus my energy on understanding and building relationships with students. I believe that if students trust and respect their teacher, they will not only learn faster, but also better retain the knowledge more thoroughly. 

    This fall I invite you to join us, the Godinez Black and Gold Regiment, at football games on Fridays at 7pm! (Check out the Athletics' incredible website!)