• Welcome to Mr. Papke's Home Page!
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    Hello, I'm Mr. Papke and I'm located in room 36.  I have been teaching at Papke portrait MacArthur since 1993.  I currently teach 7th/8th grade technology, robotics, and 7th-grade science.  

    • I post daily assignments on my school website blogs (links on the left). 
    • Students should check the blog daily for their assignments. 
    • Zoom meeting link is posted HERE
    • If your child uses their class-time wisely, they should have no homework in my elective classes and little homework in science.
    • Please check your child's progress in AERIES at least once a week so you always know how they are doing.
    • Many assignments are submitted in Canvas

    If students fall behind and/or need extra time or help, I am available:

    • Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 1:15-2:30 through Zoom

    I can be reached at: 

    • kevin.papke@sausd.us (for adults)
    • kevin.papke@sausdlearns.net (for students)
    • (714) 568-7700 (school)
    • (714) 794-9560 (Google Voice number for call or text)

    Link to Canvas   typing.com   Aeries home button

    Back-to-school night videos - Here is the recorded presentation for each class:

    Period 1: Science Presentation
    Period 2: Advanced Robotics Presentation
    Period 4/5: Robotics Presentation
    Period 6: Technology Presentation