• 2016 winners
    Each year, as part of the 7th grade Social Studies curriculum, students learn about the Middle Ages. During the 2-month 'feudal' period while the 7th graders are studying and immersed in the times, they learn about what occurred in the lives of the people. Literally! Each class is a 'kingdom' and must work together to earn 'lucre' (points) for their king and queen. During lunchtime activities, special skills are explored and students are given an opportunity to gain the experiences of the people who lived during the time period with soap carving, portraitures, playing chess, jousting, origami…The grand culminating event is what is known as the 7th Grade History Faire; much like a Renaissance Faire with jousting, medieval dancing, singing, a test of the minds, oratory demonstrations, special projects, catapult contest, feasting, and more!

    This year's History Faire competition begins in February.
    The culminating activity is the History Faire, which has now been postponed, with the possibility of being cancelled, due to the school shutdown (SARS-CoV-2 pandemic).



    Two knights await their king and queen (History Faire 2012)

    King Adan (from 2010) relishes winning lucre for his kingdom during the competition in the Mind Match





    Anthony & Cameron pass the egg very carefully!

    Queen Sedrina reads the answer during the Mind Match Game (2011)
    Beautiful gypsies smile for the camera…(2011)
    ladies grace

    Ladies show their graceful walking ability (2012)