• English Language Arts

    MacArthur's Language Arts classes are taught by grade level: 6th, 7th, and 8th. Within each grade level, students are placed in classes that best meet their needs. As needs change, students may be moved from one class to another.

    For all language arts classes, reading is 20% of the course grade, and writing will fall between 20 and 30%.  Depending on the class, reading grades are measured through achievement in either Accelerated Reader, Reading Plus, or both.  Writing will be assessed by the teacher and using MYAccess, an online writing program.  A variety of opportunities are available for students to earn awards throughout the school year for reading and writing accomplishments.

    The Language Arts Department is taught by the following highly-qualified teachers: 

    Mrs. Cristina Barber

    Ms. Claire Carlstroem

    Mr. Gregory Celestino

    Mrs. Ranithi Garcia

    Mrs. Laura Ortega Ocampo

    Ms. Morgan Riley

    Ms. Caroline Van de Merghel

    Mrs. Maria Denise Vicario