• MacArthur students are very fortunate to have a variety of electives to choose from. Despite financial cut-backs, we continue to offer a number of different classes. For some of the classes, certain requirements must be met (i.e., a test, an application, an audition, etc.) prior to being accepted into the class.Spanish language classes are available; students are tested and placed in the appropriate class. Some students can also receive high school credit for taking and passing the Spanish language class.

    The Technology classes are taught in a state-of-the-art Macintosh lab. MacBook laptops and state-of-the art iMac desktop computers provide students with high-tech equipment from which to learn the latest in technology, including building their own websites, developing podcasts, and word-processing.Instrumental Music is offered and numerous opportunities to showcase talent is provided throughout the school year. Classes are divided by instrument and level; practice is imperative!

    The award-winning Tiger's Tale school newspaper and yearbook are also part of the elective program. These two classes are electives for only 7th and 8th graders; students must submit an application in order to be considered.

    MacArthur's Associated Student Body (ASB) is a club that is offered before or after school. This club allows students to learn about leadership, responsibility, and organization. In order to be accepted into the ASB elective, students must satisfy a number of requirements including completing an application and undergoing an interview.

    Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) is another class offered as an elective. Students are provided leadership skills training as well as conflict management skills training. PAL students serve as role models for their peers.

    6th Graders have an opportunity to 'explore' a variety of electives. Included in the Exploratory 'wheel' are the following classes: Geography, Speech, and Technology.

    We also offer AVID and STEM as an elective for 7th and 8th graders. AVID is a special program that provides support for advancement for college-bound students. Check out our AVID page for more information. STEM is a special math and science elective.

    Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, we are happy to announce art as a new elective!

    The Electives teachers are:

    • Christina Barber, Spanish

    • Kevin Papke, Technology & Robotics

    • Althea Holdcroft, Instrumental Music

    • Peter Boyd,  Exploratory, Language Arts Support & PAL

    • Greg Celestino, Journalism & Yearbook

    • Katie Cunningham, Art

    • John Sprafka, Medical Detectives
    • Ron Cheser, AVID
    • Heather Rigby, AVID
    • Tammy Manske, AVID
    • Caroline Van De Merghel, Speech & Debate
    • Tina Andres, Exploratory
    • Jill Carver, Math Support