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    There are a variety of clubs/societies on campus IF you are interested in participating in extra-curricular activities! Why, the sky is definitely the limit! And, since MacArthur is a "commuter" school, the clubs/societies generally meet at lunch (a few meet before school) so that everyone can participate in activities that are of interest to them. Isn't that awesome?

    OH, and if you are interested in something and there isn't a club/society that meets YOUR needs, you can make your OWN club. You just need to find a teacher who is willing to sponsor it.
    So, what are an example of some of the campus clubs/societies? To name a few…

    • California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF): This is our peer tutoring group who performs community service throughout the year.

    • Debate Club: MacArthur's debaters have represented Santa Ana at the 2017 Nationals. They are a force to reckon with!

    • American Heritage: 7th and 8th graders have an opportunity to travel with the Amerian Heritage Club.

    • Art  Club:This is our newest club and meets on Mondays in room 36.

    • Speech Club: Like our Debate Club, the Speech Club has represented Santa Ana at the 2017 Nationals! This is another fantastic group of strong speakers.

    • Boardriders: If skateboarding is your thing, the Boardriders Club is the one for you!

    • Speech Club: MacArthur's Speech Club has represented MacArthur very well in district-wide competitions.