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    There are a WIDE variety of clubs/societies on campus IF you are interested in participating in extra-curricular activities! Why, the sky is definitely the limit! And, since MacArthur is a "commuter" school, the clubs/societies generally meet at lunch (a few meet before school) so that everyone can participate in activities that are of interest to them. Isn't that awesome?
    OH, and if you are interested in something and there isn't a club/society that meets YOUR needs, you can make your OWN club. You just need to find a teacher who is willing to sponsor it. Yep, it is all in the Student Body Constitution. The democratic process…aaaah…

    So, what are some of the clubs we have on campus? And, when do they meet?
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays After School

      • MacArthur ROCKS! Ms. Gallagher in Room 3 has a rocking rock club! Learn how to turn stones into beautiful pieces of art.

    • Wednesday in the Morning

      • ASB General Meeting: PAR at 7:15 a.m. (the first Wednesday of each month)
        MacArthur's ASB, including class reps, meet to discuss school activities.

    • Wednesday @ Lunch

      • Chess Club: Room 10
        Play chess with other chess enthusiasts!

    • Thursday @ Lunch

      • Board Riders Club (Skateboard): Fitness Room
        Skateboarding at its best! Join others like you… (6th graders must be 'sponsored' by an 8th grader)
      • Hippocrates Circle: Room 36 (third Thursday of each month)
        If you are interested in the medical arts and are an 8th grader, come join us!

      • CJSF: Library (second Thursday of each month at 12:10 p.m.)
        The California Junior Scholarship Foundation is for 7th and 8th graders who must fulfill specific academic requirements.

      • Cupstacking Society: Room 26
        Click here for more details and to see what it looks like
      • American Heritage: PAR (2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month)
        Do you like to travel? We travel all over the United States during spring break!

    • Friday @ Lunch

      • MacArthur ROCKS!: Room 3
        If you like to collect rocks, this is the group for you.

      • Classic Rock & Roll Society: Room 13
        If you would like to learn about classic rock and roll, then this is the group for you!