Welcome!  I am located in room 5 and I teach Honors Math 8 and Math 8.  I have been teaching for 25 years and I love every minute of it. I have 1 wife, 4 kids and 2 dogs, and  I like to eat chocolate chip cookies.  All assignments will be found in the student's canvas course.  Students are expected to log in to canvas each day for their assignments.  Students can expect to have 30 minutes of homework 3 days a week.  That does not include work that they should have finished in class but failed to do so.


    I am available for tutoring:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00-2:30 through Zoom or email


    I can be reached at:
    (714) 856-7700 (school) 

    Here are some links that might be helpful for you:

    • Aeries  Student's current grades
    • Canvas  Student's daily work/assignments will be posted here 



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