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    Big Mac is lead by a trio of administrators, our Esteemed Administration Team: David Casper,  Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh, and Dr. Marjorie Cochran.  

    Mr. David Casper is our Principal. His vision is to create an environment where all students take the most rigorous coursework so they will be successful in high school, college, and beyond…
    Dr.  Emil Ahangarzadeh is one of our Assistant Principals. He works with Mr. Casper to help our students become successful scholars during their tenure here at MacArthur and beyond. Dr. Ahangarzadeh works half-time at MacArthur.
    Mrs. Marjorie Cochran is our Interim Assistant Principal. She works with Mr. Casper to help our students be the best that they can be. She will be with us until a permanent Assistant Principal is assigned.
    All of our administrators' presence is felt each and every day as many students see them on campus during Nutrition and Lunch and have conversations with them. MacArthur's administrative team is approachable and visible each and every day, and this makes them our very own 'Dream Team!'

    NOTE: We are currently interviewing for a second Assistant Principal.