Big Mac is currently lead by a team of three: Ms. Katherine Berger,  Ms. Bertha Benavides, and Mr. Ray Gonzales. 

    Ms. Katherine Berger is our new principal and began on November 5th. She is learning all about Big Mac, our students, programs, teachers, and staff. She is a 29-year veteran of SAUSD. We are thrilled to have her with us!

    Ms. Bertha Benavides is our Assistant Principal. She works diligently to help our students be the best that they can be. She is an expert in using Restorative Justice Circles and helps students work through their issues in a positive way. Mr. Ray Gonzales is our Assistant Principal. He has worked as both a ToSA as well as a history teacher here at MacArthur so is well-aware of the culture of our school. He is fair and consistent in his discipline style. Mr. Gonzales works between MacArthur and Esqueda as an AP.