MacArthur has a number of support personnel on campus. The staff all work together to help provide the best academic environment for students encouraging spirit, pride, and achievement!


    School Counselors: Ms. Silva and Mrs. Tristan

    We have two counselors on staff to help students and parents. They help with scheduling classes, providing academic counseling, supporting behavior and homework contracts. Both of our counselors work to help students with scheduling and managing their schoolwork through the use of 'Agenda Contracts.' They also work with students who are interested in the A Better Chance (ABC) program as well as serve as our Academic Pentathlon coaches!

    Counselors' support also includes providing strategies to make their time at MacArthur a success as students begin planning their high school graduation, college and career goals. The counselors attend parent conferences and often assist/discuss parenting strategies as they explain MacArthur's high academic expectations. In addition, they help to connect families with resources in the community, as needed.

    Ms. Christine Silva is the counselor for students whose last names begin with letters A–L.  

    Mrs. Laurie Tristan works with students whose last names begin with M–Z. Mrs. Tristan also works to coordinate and manage the Tutor Corps component of MacArthur's CJSF chapter. 


    District Safety Officer Freddy Gonzalezfreddy


    Officer Gonzalez works as part as a member of our campus security. His presence can be seen and felt beginning early each morning as students are dropped off in the parking lot.



    A member of the Santa Ana Unified School District Police Department, he works to enforce the rules of the district and school. He helps in the maintenance of traffic control and overseeing the protection of our school. Having District Safety Officer Gonzalez on campus is good for us and for the community and we're thankful he's here to help us.





    Library Media Tech: David Mendiola


    Mr. David Mendiola works in our library and provides students with assistance before school, during lunch, and after school. The library is open and available for students to conduct research and study, print essays, and read while Mr. Mendiola is on duty. He also works diligently during our annual Book Fair, where students can purchase a variety of books and related school materials.